From Withered Branches

by Hopelorn

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A self-indulgent but temporary shift in sound to explore more epic, triumphant moods, this is a concept album about rising back up from a downward spiral and fighting on.
No gods, no masters, no surrender!


released January 8, 2013

Rami Stålnacke - All instruments and vocals.


all rights reserved



Hopelorn Sweden

Formed in 2008, Hopelorn is a mongrel crossing of turbocharged Crustgrind and melancholic Black Metal.

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Track Name: Spite
You want me dead, and so do I
But no matter how much I hate myself, I hate you even more

Survival through spite
Survival through pure spite

I will never turn my hand against myself
If my demise gives you any pleasure, I will deny you it!

Survival through spite
Survival through pure fucking spite

(lead: The Rejuvenating Warmth of Burning Hatred)

No surrender!
Track Name: Mortification
Too stubborn to die, yet too fucked to live
What then, when you don't want to feel anything anymore?

Mortification of the soul, through mental flagellation
I will walk among you a breathing corpse, an empty fucking husk


Living only for shallow pleasure, dancing in the light of burning bridges
"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"

Track Name: Ashes
What a fool!

These pleasures of the flesh entertain me no more
They get old, and I grow bored

This life tastes like ashes

Not even my burning hatred warms me anymore
I've grown cold, and I get tired

This life tastes like ashes

My Dionysian escapism has failed
Track Name: Phoenix

(Author's Note: The things this song is about always come across corny in lyrics, and I sure as hell am not the lyricist to buck that trend. The emotion in the song will have to speak for itself. The individuals who inspired it know who they are.)
Track Name: Reclamation
I will no longer suffer in silence, I will rise and strike back
Despite my protestations, I'd let the bastards grind me down

I am reclaiming what's mine
Know that you will suffer if you stand against me
So pray to whatever you believe in
Pray that it has mercy, because I don't!

The chains of doubt are broken, no more self-denial
Buds spring from withered branches, my will is indomitable!

I am reclaiming what's mine
Know that you will suffer if you stand against me
So pray to whatever you believe in
Pray that it will forgive, because I won't!
Track Name: Unforgiving

Forgiving means taking the blame for being treated wrong
Don't you come crawling back to me, you'll remain forever unforgiven!

Forgiveness means approval


Don't you dare call me unfair, honest mistakes require no absolution
But you - you know what you fucking did, malice aforethought is no accident!

Forgiveness means approval

Your reasons mean fuck all, you're dead to me!

(lead: Turn Thy Back, Not the Other Cheek)

Fucking traitor!

Forgiveness means approval
Track Name: Shackles
Whenever I've thought I can see light in the end of the tunnel
When I let myself feel content ...that's when I feel them

The chains are broken
Yet the shackles remain

Times may change, but scars are forever
The doubts sown grow like stubborn weeds in my mind

The chains are broken
Yet the shackles remain

But though the memories may be painful
They are a reminder that they all must pay!

The chains are broken
Yet the shackles remain

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